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Achieving Profitability Through Scaling

Scaling – Feasibility – Gap Analysis – Business Planning – Funding – Strategic Development

At Accelerating Performance we focus on scaling organisations. This usually involves exporting. Prior to exporting a feasibility study often needs to be conducted into the chosen market with a “gap analysis” and “strategic plan”.

Innovation is core to every business and a key component of success in scaling. This does not always mean innovation in technology. It can mean innovation in new markets, new communications or even a new channel to market. It can even necessitate changing behaviour to find new uses for a product in a new culture. Specialises in talent mentoring.

Though every “feasibility study varies” the components tend to be around value proposition, product scope, market analysis including scope, penetration, pricing and market share. The study has a mix of both primary and secondary research and also involves trialling the proposition and the product in the new market. This report usually has an output of a “Go” or “No Go” decision.


  • Delivering transformational growth
  • Growth enablement
  • Understanding key opportunities and performance gaps
  • Mentoring and Coaching
  • Challenging and Supporting CEO and Management
  • External strategic think tanks
  • Developing strategic and tactical plans for growth
  • How to combat competition
  • Commercialising research
  • Innovation
  • Sales, Marketing and Market Development

Some questions for you?

Right now do you know what your niche USP is – what are you known for among your target market? What makes you known? Are these people providing your measurable value?

  • How do you get your product to market?
  • Are you getting sufficient product to market?
  • Why will your customers choose you over your competitors?
  • What are you doing to innovate?
  • Are you focused on your product life cycle and product life time value?
  • “Accessing customers at home and abroad, accessing finance to support growth and navigating business are key to the growth of any business”.

Caitlín brings a fresh an innovative approach to consultancy. Accelerating Performance’ track record pretty much speaks for itself and the business is built upon a sound reputation for delivery and open-mindedness in terms of approach. Caitlín has experience both nationally and internationally over a wide range of sectors and has extensive hands on project experience with well-developed people skills, a diplomatic approach and a comprehensive network of contacts. She is committed to delivering quality service coupled with flexibility to clients.

Services - Scale & Grow: How We Work

How we work

  1. 1. Diagnose the business growth needs.
  2. 2. Business Growth Assessment audit and strategic recommendations & interventions.
  3. 3. Solutions focused engagement with KPI’s to develop strategic and tactical plans and to make all the plans a reality.
  4. 4. On-going engagement.


Accelerating Performance works with companies in various capacities with common goal to accelerate the growth of the individuals and the organisation. It is often necessary to enable the key stakeholders to understand the company’s goals and aspirations aligned to the short term and long term challenges so as to act as a catalyst for growth and revenue generation.

At Accelerating Performance, a boutique management consultancy, we have worked on the following projects with the CEO at the centre as the sponsor and key stakeholder.

Services - Scale and Grow: Projects
  • Strategic Development
  • Business planning
  • Development of action based plans to deliver on strategic goals
  • Innovation strategy across all areas of business from communications processes to technology ensuring the company has a unique market angle.
  • Executive Coaching / Mentoring including psychometric tools of Insights and Emotional Intelligence
  • Team building using Insight profiling on personal effectiveness
  • Mentor workshop in partnership with UCC
  • Emotional Intelligence workshop with EQ workplace profile / leadership profile
  • Funding applications including CSF and HPSU
  • Ensuring companies are scalable and implementing key strategies to bring them global
  • Export plans and Feasibility studies (often part funded by Enterprise Ireland)
  • Marketing and Business strategy development and implementation
  • Value Proposition / USP
  • Product Management and Product Planning
  • PR & Communications
  • Digital Strategy
  • Commercialisation – interpretation of visions and turning them into ambitious, successful companies
  • Design Thinking and Lean Start Up programs
  • Sales & Business Development process analysis and improvement
  • Innovation Strategy – implementing a strategy for generating, harnessing, evaluating and implementing ideas and the integration of tested ideas into the product roadmap
  • Partnering with academia on commercialisation of R&D into growth revenue generating products
  • Networking strategy and tactical implementation using a proprietary system which includes on-line learning


“Caitlín worked with SEAT Ireland on a number of key assignments. Firstly, Caitlín supported us at our annual conference to deliver a workshop on Networking to create awareness on developing a pro-active strategy around business development. During the process of developing our Fleet strategy Caitlín provided some key insights to support our approach and enabled us to deliver our strategy from a much broader perspective. Caitlín also worked with the SEAT Ireland team in the capacity of facilitating an Insights programme designed to improve awareness of how team members interact in the business environment. The program anchored our staff and Caitlín’s input really helped to develop our internal engagement processes for the better.” – Cian O’Brien, Country Manager, SEAT Ireland

“Caitlin was a catalyst in bringing our product offering international, aligned by injecting energy, passion and structure into the business. She successfully achieved CSF and HPSU Enterprise Ireland funding aligned to a robust export strategy f or our on-line parking product into the UK. With international scalability Caitlin helped evaluate our strategic options into the US also. Caitlin works with our team now on a periodic review basis to continual look to add value. Our status as an Enterprise Ireland high potential client  is thanks to Caitlin’s hard work and expertise.” – Jason Ballard, CEO NCPS & Parkbytext

“Meeting Caitlin was the catalyst that turned my business into a company.  The in-depth analysis and critical thinking she applied to our overall business model and product offering – through the prism of her extensive marketing experience – lead directly to investment, expansion, and international sales.  I couldn’t recommend Caitlin highly enough to any business looking to scale.” – Tony Rudden, co-found and CEO Caragon

“Caitlín facilitated a comprehensive analysis of our business and helped us to think through the export opportunities open to us, and the funding requirements involved. Her work played a significant part in our development of an export-led marketing plan which has helped us to identify priority markets, to win initial customers, and to secure investment funding.” – Jim O’Brien, Founding Director, Tandem HR Solutions.

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  • DAA (Dublin Airport Authority)
  • NCPS
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