Networking is a powerful tool often under-estimated. Accelerating Performance’s seminar will give participants the essential tools to develop and use core networking skills and to develop networking opportunities. Networking has an extensive rippling effect – understand how this can be harnessed to maximise your organisation’s opportunities. Accelerating will ensure you gain the maximum from one of our seminars on networking. 

We can help you

  • Identify networking gaps in your market or your current procedures
  • Perfect your core message
  • Build a networking plan to address your target market
  • Coach and train you to have a pitch for when you are networking
  • Develop a networking plan as part of an overall networking plan

This seminar will enable you

  • To get a return on your networking investment
  • To know where to network and connect
  • To put the SAFE CROSS CODE OF NETOKRING © into action
  • In the identification of strategic networking avenues
  • To learn what to say to achieve the best results
  • To work the room
  • To Understand how a key contact can and will turn into a sale
  • Understand the rippling effect
  • Put the law of reciprocity into action, 2+2=5
  • Know how to maximise speed networking
  • Develop strategic networking and strategic tools
  • Lean essential networking do’s and don’t
  • Maximise LinkedIn and other tools to develop an effective network
  • Commercialise your contacts

Caitlín is widely acknowledged as a leading expert in networking and lead generation while also working on scaling companies internationally. Caitlín has a passion for empowering people to take control through action and learning. Her programs are exhilarating and charged while being results focussed.