Assessments for competitive processes

Caitlín is an adjudicator for disruptive technologies including Horizon Europe for the European Commission SME Instrument.

She has also adjudicated and assessed grant applications and voucher applications to both Local Enterprise Offices and Enterprise Ireland.


Relevant appropriate funding for companies

We assist companies to scale and grow through assessing relevant and appropriate funding in the domestically and internationally. This can be micro or SME for scaling companies creating jobs.

Accelerating Performance assists companies develop their business plans and their propositions to effectively compete.

Accelerating Performance knows external and internal funding via the spectrum of state agencies including Enterprise Ireland, Local Enterprise Offices and other government agencies as well as the European Commission range of equity and grant funding.

Accelerating Performance has helped countless clients secure grant funding through our expertise in being on adjudication boards and our experience in developing and implementing complex strategic plans.

Problems solved by Accelerating Performance

“As a founder I have already raised some funding in the past now I need to accelerate my R&D and growing my team and I require access to FRESHER funding.”

“Bank loans can’t fill my financial gap, how do I source a new investor.”

“I need to apply for grant funding and I am overwhelmed”

“What key pointers do I need to highlight for my grant to be successful?”

“Could Accelerating Performance could be my sounding board on my strategy for scaling and for funding?”

Accelerating Performance can work with you as a mentor or as a consultant to solve your challenges around funding and application processes. Generally they are a competitive process and we know the sign posts you need to display.

Your business might need to put building blocks in place in order to build your proposition for the application process. We can advise on the requirements on the ratios of success.