We Help

We work around your needs and your objectives and the method we engage is your choice – some choose mentoring and some want a more integrated and collaborative engagement.

Traditionally we work with our clients using the above model. We define our path of engagement together and engage initially on a defined project for a set number of days in half day segments over a defined period usually 6 -10 weeks.

Often the programs with leaders in the Senior Team will be a mixture of group facilitation to learn the principles and project work with a blend of consultancy and mentoring as required and pre-determined.

Below is a sample of how we have worked with organisation like yours

  • Understanding market trends especially disruptive trends of relevance.
  • To evaluate strategic development and implementation.
  • To identify high growth opportunities with associated funding where required.
  • How to gain market insight quickly.
  • To identify the gap between goals and operations.
  • Ensuring the right leadership is in place to accelerate with the correct mind set and culture for the organisation.
  • Documentation of the strategic statement with insights, objectives, market scope, product scope, competitive advantage and more.
  • Implementation and accountability that is defined and structured and monitored with inertia planning.

Caitlin was a great help supporting me in building a new strategy for my events and education business in light of the restrictions covid placed on the business. She helped me devise a strategy to go online and build paid content and events. She also advised on how and what to apply for in terms of the various grants and other excellent supports offered by the local enterprise offices that helped me to grow my business online. I look forward to working with Caitlin again as my business grows.

Ed O Riordan, The Smart Money Series