Innovation comes about from continuous improvement. Having an appreciation and a culture of “continuous improvement” using LEAN METHODOLOGIES will bring greater profitability to your business and ensure your business is continuously innovating.

The added benefits to staff are staggering in terms of motivation and wellbeing. Happy empowered workplaces are dynamic and profitable workplaces.

It is important that key stakeholders including the CEO are involved in the LEAN journey so they endorse the time and commitment to continuous improvement projects.

LEAN is about being effective and efficient and doing things in a different way often to be quicker, better and to have savings. In LEAN we call it elimination of waste. Any changes have to add value to the customer, be done right first time and the customer should be willing to pay for them. LEAN eradicates waste across eight areas.

Why use LEAN

  • Innovate at staff level engaging all staff in all areas of the business.
  • Identify areas of improvements.
  • Provide expert support to implement changes and solutions using LEAN methodology rather than quick fixes.
  • Develop a culture of LEAN in your business and reap the rewards.
  • Continuously add value to your customers.
  • Have expert tangible messages for the communications team to engage with customers on.
  • To add value to your customers and remain competitiveness and relevant.

Implement LEAN for cultural development and continuous improvement company-wide though it does have its beginning in manufacturing. It is appropriate in any department and in any business. It is a way of thinking about innovation.

By educating all in the organisation about the principals there will be a change in thinking. We provide an interactive beginners workshop to LEAN thinking. Inform and educate your staff on how to identify areas for improvement.

Education is a very easy burden to carry.

LEAN projects

Starting with a group seminar and identification of personal projects, individuals will used models across projects with Accelerating Performance working with the project owners to ensure full implementation. This is the first step to developing continuous change and innova-tion. The benefits will be reaped instantaneously.

LEAN Canvas

As separate to LEAN Six Sigma, Accelerating Performance are also specialists in LEAN Canvas and this is a tool used in the market development and strategic development with the company. It is linked to LEAN Six Sigma but is also a standalone tool for scale and growth.

Independent research found that Irish businesses who engaged in LEAN with a consultant recorded significant upside in their businesses – below are some examples.

  • Productivity increase of 20%
  • Sales increases of 40%
  • Delivery increase of up to 43%
  • Product and service quality improvements of up to 30%
  • Employment increase of 11%

(Source: Local Enterprise Office & Department of Jobs)