Have a facilitator and attend your own meetings

Have you seen Caitlín as a facilitator at event or conference? If you have you will know that high impact facilitation makes all the difference.

When you are organising a conference, networking event or team or indeed company meeting consider having an external facilitator.

Using Accelerating Performance as your external facilitator stimulates teams and acts as a catalyst in meeting goals. Caitlín will ensure all participants are pulling in the same direction, and that any obstacles are cleared from their path.

As an expert facilitator, Caitlín will assist the team to see clearly for themselves the real issues and assist in jumping these hurdles. We will identify with a practical path to overcome these challenges with the ultimate goal of improved performance and profitability.

We keep participants focused and on track, deal with challenging personalities, build consensus when people disagree and ensure that decisions are turned into action plans.

We provide defined structure guiding participants through a series of steps to arrive at a result that is created, understood and accepted by all participants. Benefits include greater productivity, commitment to agreements, participation and engagement, all acting as a catalyst for growth and profitability.

A facilitator will assist you in thinking how to do things different to make a difference.

Caitlín will help you in setting your event objectives, in the planning and design of the event and facilitation and on the day will allow you to attend your own event!

At conferences and networking events as a facilitator, Caitlín adds energy and inspiration and will act as a catalyst to take your event to the next level, making your event a “talked about and tweeted” success.

Anyone who knows Accelerating Performance will know that audience participation and engagement and central to how Caitlín facilitates.


No event is too small and no event is too large. We have facilitated networking events, strategic away days and brainstorming events as well as large conferences and regional gatherings.

“Caitlín facilitated a number of IIBN events and added a new brand of thinking and energy. Her stories were inspiring. She had the skill of holding everyone’s attending and knitting all the speakers together in a way that added to the event. Members commented on her skill and knowledge on a range of topics.” – Conor Foley, Founder IIBN London, Dublin & New York

At our event we wanted somebody with energy who was unbiased, who could lead and capture all the points of view. Caitlín was excellent at this. She used clever Interactivity to open our minds while setting goals and actions. It was a memorable day which acted as a catalyst for growth.