The sum is greater than the parts.

Accelerating Performance as part of the “Strategy Away Day” prepares an output report to guide and inform decision making with KPI’s for “in business” planning.These off site meetings benefit from an experienced external facilitator in order for the meetings to steer from being “tactical” and to being always “strategic” with scale and profitability coupled with innovation on the agenda.The day is experimental in nature. As a facilitator, Caitlín will ensure all are encourage to participate and collaborate.

The day will

  • Deliver an output plan. A good plan will take advantage of resources and embrace new opportunities.
  • Provide client with an output plan.
  • Will give an overall direction to the business or business unit and a framework for tactical initiatives and decision making.
  • There will be an output plan. A good plan will take advantage of resources and embrace new opportunities.
  • Be facilitated to minimise resistance barriers.
  • Will act as a catalyst providing renewed energy and team dynamics.
  • Acts a motivator for continuous improvement and innovation resulting in increased profitability.

The output is often a suite of tactical plans and performance management at agreed intervals via a virtual project management office.


Facilitator acts as a catalyst to set the “pace” for change & strategic growth.

  • Engaging key stakeholders in the strategy evolution.
  • A clear audit of where the organisation currently stands.
  • A roadmap for future strategies.
  • A plan on tactical execution of new & existing strategies.
  • LEAN language to innovate and progress continuous improvements.
  • Insights into where strategies are failing.
  • A greater focus on outcomes.
  • Tools to challenge and measure strategic outcomes.
  • Setting KPI’s and a plan for monitoring.

What is covered in a suggested Strategy Away Day

Each package is bespoke to your business and centred on key deliverables expected from key stakeholders

  • Pre-workshop briefing.
  • Workshop preparation.
  • Facilitation.
  • Post workshop detailed report.
  • Close off meeting with next steps.