Scaling – Feasibility – Gap Analysis – Business Planning – Funding – Strategic Development

At Accelerating Performance we focus on scaling organisations. We assist companies to identify new products for existing markets or new markets and segments for existing or new products with customer led strategies. We are growth enablers across strategic development, marketing, sales, innovation and operations.

In scaling and strategic development, we work on projects across business planning, marketing and business development with a focus on sales, operations, marketing and innovation.


Strategic direction and Vision

We assist companies to development and align their strategic direction and vision, to set goals and develop tactics to make the vision a reality and to achieve business objectives. We work across the pillars of strategy, people, innovation, finance, sales and marketing .

Revenue generation and financial development
Analysis and knowledge of where you are making profit, knowing your turnover and margin and pricing effectively to maximise potential while developing easy control and monitoring by way of a KPI scorecard. Important that we work with clients to ensure the business is appropriately funded to deliver on the vision.

Knowing your customers and your market potential
Deep knowledge of the markets and segments your currently operate in and identification of new markets and segments by product

Marketing support aligned to sales
The development of branding, marketing and communication’s plans to maximize the markets and products in each market in line with life time value of each product.

Innovation strategy
Development of a culture of “continuous improvements” to support innovation across the business and developing an appropriate language with staff supported with a product and innovation culture.

Assisting in the operational planning to ensure all other deliverables and visions are maximised. Often this could involve new processes or new technology.

People – Capacity and Capability
It is important to have the right people in the right roles with the objectives. Often with scaling new positions are created and staff need new training on new products, processes and even jobs. We work on defining these gaps via a gap analysis model to scale the business.