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Personal Profile + 90 Minutes


discoveryPersonal Profile + Coaching

The Insights personal profile is based on Jung psychology. This profile assists in

  • Increasing individual performance and productivity
  • Improving personal effectiveness
  • Stimulating career and personal advancement knowing your strengths
  • Turning weaknesses into strengths
  • Understanding blind spots

As well as assisting us to understand ourselves better and to value differences it assists us to communicate more effectively. It improves our own self-esteem and promotes confidence.

As our personality does not change, there is only a need to complete you profile every couple of years. The important part is in understanding yourself and your motivations better and know your perception of self and others perception of you.

The Insights profile is of benefit to everyone and is a comprehensive report on “you”. It contributes to better relationships, improved goal setting and career advancement.

To obtain your profile add this item to your shopping cart. On receipt Accelerating Performance will contact you to fill out your profile which will take 15-20 minutes on line and we will schedule the follow up session with you.

The session can be scheduled in Dublin or on-line via SKYPE.

Testimonial: “Thank you! Through the Insights personal profile, I have gained a better understanding of my personality style and how to modify this style and improve the effectiveness of my interactions with others with different styles. The programme provided me with a new set of tools, which has proven invaluable both on a professional and personal level. My relationships with others have noticeably improved owing to a greater understanding of their and my personal traits and styles. The coaching session provided me with a great platform for growth.” – Zoe Hilton, skyline Steeple Jacks

Product Description

Insights Discovery recognises and celebrates the fact that each person is unique, with different styles, needs and expectations. In these differences are great strengths. It is fundamental to understand ourselves before we can understand others.

The profile enables participants to further enhance their interpersonal skills, improving team performance and stimulating them to reach their potential.

The personalised results profile is approximately 20 pages on “you” and is easy to understand with recall making long term application and strength straight forward.


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