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EQi + 90 Minutes Coaching


Emotional Intelligence Profile + 90 Minutes coaching

The Emotional Intelligence profile or report is often called the EQ-I or Emotional Intelligence Quotient.

EQ is a barometer of personal success an personal leadership. It is not static. We can change our Emotional Intelligence within three months with focus and defined goals and actions. High emotional Intelligence is not always the goal. For example someone high on flexibility might not be a good decision maker depending on his/her role.

To find out your own EQ and to set goals to improve your EQ for personal and career development, purchase the EQ profile + coaching and we will contact you to complete your profile online and schedule your coaching session.

The session can be scheduled in Dublin or on-line.

Different EQ traits are necessary for different jobs though those leading organisations should have high EQ in all realms.

The Role of EQiResource Report

Testimonial: “I found working with Accelerating Performance liberating, giving me a deeper level of insight and enabling me to focus more effectively on how to achieve my goals while using my emotional intelligence profile.” – David Connell, MD Clearwire

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Product Description

Emotional Intelligence is a pre-cursor to successful leadership and demonstrates a scientific link between emotions and success.

We have 60,000 emotions a day ranging from happiness to optimism and including flexibility, problem solving, communication, self-esteem, assertiveness, impulse control and many more.

Someone with EQ can get a job but with EQ they can be promoted. Someone with IQ can write a business plan but with EQ they can run a great company.


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