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Networking Overview

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Caitlín is also available to facilitate conferences stimulating networking as part of the facilitator’s role while adding energy as Master of Ceremonies.

“Networking is the lifeblood of every business – we network with our partners, our staff, our investors and our customers. 85% of business success comes from human engineering!” 

No company or individual can survive without customers. Though networking is not “selling”, it is very much a tool for acquiring customers , new information and creating new innovation in a meaningful and targeted manner.


  • Networking is for everyone – why?
  • and it’s for introverts and extroverts – who networks better?
  • Consider enhancing your career whether employed or a business owner or a business leader.
  • Lean the “Safe Cross Code to networking©” and have a “networking script©”
  • Perfect your pitch
  • Networking can be sociable, social or strategic – have you got the blend?
  • Do you network 1-2-1 or 1-2-many and do you have a referral strategy?
  • Has your company developed a networking strategy?
  • Do you know where to network?
  • Though working the room is a preference it speeds up network. Are you an expert?

Accelerating Performance provides programs ranging from 60 minutes, 90 minutes, half day, full day and modular. We also provide CD learning and mentoring in networking and assist you as individuals and companies to identify where and how to network.

All sessions Caitlín facilitates are interactive and fun and different “tasks” to re-enforce learning are incorporated into the session aligned with meet new colleagues and leaving with fulfilled networking objectives and lots of follow-up!

Courses are interactive and fun with “real play” and homework! The programs can be bespoke around short seminars or indeed ½ day full day and module based programs. Often on-line learning and 1-2-1 coaching and support are also included.


“Caitlín has a rare talent in that she excels at the essential art of networking but in a way that provides concrete results. She is a solid believer that people buy from people not companies or technology. Caitlín can help with a company’s sales and marketing strategy in particular trains your sales team to be more productive and active in networking. Entrepreneurial spirit flows through her veins and I would not hesitate to introduce her.”Bob Hoffmann, CEO, Sales Institute

“Caitlín facilitated a number of IIBN events and added a new brand of thinking and energy. Her stories were inspiring. She had the skill of holding everyone’s attending and knitting all the speakers together in a way that added to the event. Members commented on her skill and knowledge on a range of topics.” – Conor Foley, Founder IIBN London, Dublin & New York

“Caitlín gave a very practical and extremely useful presentation on Referral Networking Strategies including on “How to work a room” and to make a great “Elevator Pitch”. We got fantastic feedback from our guests both on Caitlín and the course especially the interactive pieces. It was a very useful and rewarding exercise from our perspective.”Paul Mc Ardle, MD, The Panel

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