We’ve spent years developing a set of facilitation skills and tools that enable us to structure and guide important meetings / events to a successful outcome. Learn more about our team facilitation services >>

Teambuilding Events

Our consultants regularly support clients who want to organise – and get maximum value from – a teambuilding event. We ensure that the right things are explored in the right way and that the learning is brought back to “the real world” afterwards!  Learn more about our teambuilding events >>

For moometimes a team needs external, expert help to work through an important topic or issue, for example:

  • Solving a particular problem or challenge,
  • Generating ideas,
  • Forming a strategy or plan,
  • Making an important decision, or
  • Making sense of a large and/or varied amount of information.

Although the topics may vary, a facilitated session will often have the same elements. We use a tried and tested set of skills and tools to help clients:

  • Make sense of an issue or topic,
  • Clarify the goals and desired outcomes,
  • Explore perspectives,
  • Generate alternatives,
  • Engage in healthy and constructive discussion,
  • Manage disagreements / tensions,
  • Agree criteria for decision making / selection,
  • Make the required decisions, and
  • Form and agree a plan of action.

By using our experienced facilitators, you and your team are “freed up” to participate fully in the discussion, rather than having to chair the meeting, or manage / maintain the focus, boundaries, behaviours or pace of the meeting.

reOur clients come to us when they need to fix, grow or stretch their people. Maybe that’s why you’re on our website now? Well, hopefully you get in touch with us, and, if you do, here’s what you can expect to happen:

First we diagnose…

Sometimes, you’ll already have an idea about what’s needed, and other times it’s not so clear. Whichever is the case, we’ve learned that it’s really important to conduct a short diagnosis (you wouldn’t trust a doctor who wrote you a prescription before – or without – checking a few vital signs, would you?!). This diagnostic can take the form of a structured conversation / interview, or it might involve some form of site-visit, survey, focus group, or assessment, depending on the situation. But we never over-complicate things – this diagnosis is there to serve YOU and improve the learning transfer and your overall return on investment. We also make sure that we are really clear on the finish line – i.e. what will constitute success for this intervention, and how will we know when we’ve achieved it?

Then we design…

Once we’ve completed an appropriate diagnosis, and are clear on your required (and desired) outcomes, we can decide on the best way to achieve them. Whether it’s training, consulting or coaching, all thrive solutions are carefully designed in collaboration with you. We bring lots of creativity and experience to the table, as well as a keen eye on value, because we like to develop long-term relationships built on mutual benefit.

And THEN we deliver.

Our solutions are built on a three-part combination of our own experience, scientifically proven methods and up-to-date research. This enables us to help your people achieve results and “make all the difference” to your organisation. Although our work is really important and makes a big difference, we don’t take it, or ourselves, too seriously, so you can also expect us to turn up with a sense of humour and fun! (Anyway, research tells us that people perform better when they’re enjoying themselves, so really, we’re just taking our own advice!)

But it doesn’t end there!

We’ve learned a lot about how to encourage and measure the application of learning after our training events. Sometimes this is as simple as a follow-up phone-call to chat about progress and answer questions, or sharing a useful piece of content to keep the concepts top-of-mind. For important subjects we complete more in-depth coaching or follow-up activities. With our eye on the latest research into how people learn, we’ve even learned how to “gamify” training follow up to make it more effective, social and self-directed. And, for those who want a measure of impact and Return on Investment, we are experienced in this too.


“Caitlín facilitated a number of IIBN events and added a new brand of thinking and energy. Her stories were inspiring. She had the skill of holding everyone’s attending and knitting all the speakers together in a way that added to the event. Members commented on her skill and knowledge on a range of topics.” – Conor Foley, Founder IIBN

“At our event we wanted somebody with energy who was unbiased, who could lead and capture all the points of view. Caitlin was excellent at this. She used clever interactivity to open our minds while setting goals and actions. It was a memorable day which acted as a catalyst for growth.” – LEO Network Manager

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