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“Example is not the main thing in influencing others. It is the only thing.” – Albert Schweitzer

Looking for Executive Coaching & Business Mentoring?

Are you tired of going it alone when it comes to building your business or navigating the way in a corporate environment

Caitlín, as a trusted and confidential adviser, uses a blend of mentoring and coaching in all her 1-2-1 sessions. This acts as a powerful catalyst for change and for growth. There are two groups which Caitlín works with in the transfer of knowledge to stimulate growth through forward thinking.

Accelerating Performance are results led with a global perspective.

Coaching will inspire fresh thinking, focus on self-development, open minds and focus on being a catalyst for change and growth.

At Accelerating Performance we provide Both Executive Corporate Coaching and also Business owner growth coaching and mentoring.

 Growth Businesses

Caitlín acts as a support for business owners wanting to grow and expand lending for experience. Her process enables growth by by-passing road blocks.

We also work on export strategies and turnaround strategies for established companies.

Caitlín has a proven track record for making business profitable.

Corporate Coaching

  • Achieving objectives
  • Acting as a catalyst for companies to scale and grow
  • Influence & Communication skills
  • Self-awareness & self-assessment
  • Preparing for promotion
  • Issues hindering performance
  • First 100 days – new roles & challenges
  • Adaptability and flexibility
  • Embracing change
  • Dealing with set backs
  • Networking

At Accelerating Performance we always welcome the opportunity to share discussions on a suitable coaching / mentoring strategy for upskilling personnel in your business so as to achieve corporate & business objectives.

Coaching is a necessary investment for everyone. It motivates and sets deadlines. It acts a catalyst for personal as well as organisational growth and performance.

Often, especially in Executive Coaching or CEO Coaching psychometric profiles are used.

At Accelerating Performance, our philosophy is to create a difference though capitalising on strengths, acting as a catalyst for change and stimulating self-development and performance beyond our vision. Change is the constant that we all need to embrace. Often we “don’t know what we don’t know” and a coach assists in bridging this gap.

At Accelerating Performance we help individuals and companies become exceptional.

Design Your Vision and Achieve It

Mentoring is most suitable for Executive staff, those in transition or those wishing to achieve their potential on a one to one confidential basis. This includes growth businesses, start up businesses and those who need to focus on marketing as a development tool. The mentor acts as a catalyst for growth and development enabling you to overcome barriers which are impeding your and your team’s development. You will be challenged, stimulated and empowered to question decisions you have made or are planning to make, ensuring you and your company reach new heights.

Accelerating Performance’s coach mentors are high level business professionals who bring extensive experience to focus on the client’s agenda and objectives, drawing on their own expertise as well as the client’s own for the best results. Your coach mentor will give you an objective view of the issues you are facing, will guide and advise you on the course of action to be taken in a given situation, as well as act as a sounding board for ideas and presentations.

Accelerating Performance specialises in talent mentoring.

Accelerating Performance are leading business mentors and consultants providing short quick wins and well as long term strategic goals with a measurable return on investment. Identify your direction and find out how to hit your targets. We act as a catalyst to ensure your vision becomes a reality.

All our programs represent value and make a measurable change for growth within our client companies. We provide ongoing support to all our clients. Accelerating Performance mentors stakeholders but also implementation teams, creating a culture of collaboration and partnership.

Our coach mentors will take your success to the next level

Let us define your team’s goals and hit their target Make change now, not next year

Accelerating Performance are specialists in Business, Executive, CEO, Start Up, Growth and Career coaching and mentoring.

Our coach mentors have high level business experience that will assist you to define and design your organisation’s vision, identifying the goals required to achieve it, showing teams how to overcome negative thinking or experiences to unleash their true potential and performance.

Building on talents, our coach mentors will challenge your team to redefine their approach to issues, to identify barriers to improvement, assisting them to plan a strategy to achieve their objectives. Becoming proactive instead of reactive with our tailor made approach. One size no longer fits all – use the best available coach mentors to achieve the best results and accelerate your whole organisation’s performance.

Our coach mentors provide essential feedback and training to your team by providing a structured results-oriented process to create outstanding performance. Our coaches will assist your managers to understand how to lead and inspire as well as direct.

Use our expertise to over obstacles and reach full organisational potential

CEO Coaching

Being an organisational leader today is highly demanding and can be isolating. Many top leaders now employ a business coach whose function is to enable the CEO to maintain focus, prioritise, and to provide crucial feedback in a confidential environment.

A recent study by The Hay Group determined that between 30% and 45% of Fortune 500 companies use executive coaches. Senior and talented people need to be excited by their life, need to have something to believe in, and coaching motivates them fully, activating their full potential for personal and corporate effectiveness and success


“Caitlín O’Connor provided an excellent one day training course on mentoring to a number of senior managers at PM Group in Dublin, Ireland. We found the course professionally run, and still to this day continue to use the tools and ideas presented during the course to help us now mentor upcoming professional engineers and architects who are seeking to reach the very highest level of technical expertise and competence. We would recommend Caitlín to anyone wishing to get a basic understanding of mentoring best practice.” – Andy Rayner, Pharma Sector Director & CTO at PM Group

“Caitlín was assigned to HouseMyDog as our Enterprise Ireland assigned Development Advisor. Her mentorship over the past year has had a significant impact on our growth and strategy going forward. As a young start-up early user adoption and traction are vital, Caitlín helped us identify target customers and marketing channels, scaling our business with growth and also provided key insights into overseas expansion. Thanks for all the help Caitlín.” – Timothy Mc Eloy, Founder, House My Dog

“Caitlín was great to give us an outside perspective on business. We are an arts organisation and often don’t think in business like ways. Caitlín had good suggestions and recommendations for us going forward.” – MD, The Mart

“My mentor was very honest and straight with me and asked me tough questions that really got me thinking about my business and the direction I wanted to go. The mentoring experience was excellent and I was delighted with my mentor choice.”Marie Kirk, DKIT & New Frontiers

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