About Accelerating Performance

Stimulating growth through forward thinking.

Accelerating Performance is a trust name.

Caitlín is founder and managing director of Accelerating Performance, with extensive experience in the area of organisational development and revenue performance at strategic, operational and tactical levels.

Caitlín O’Connor is founder and MD of Accelerating Performance, with extensive experience in the area of strategy, market development, organisational development and revenue performance at strategic, operational and tactical levels. She has been building high growth technology, transport and service business for several years.

Caitlín works with Senior Management and Boards to determine growth strategies, export strategies, market penetration strategies and customer acquisition strategies all leading to enhanced profitability and valuation.

Caitlín O'Connor - with her dog

Prior to setting up Accelerating Performance Caitlín held senior positions NTR plc – Irish Broadband, Nevada Tele.com, ESAT Telecom and Aer Lingus. She brings a wealth of expertise and experience on planning, strategy, and tactical growth performance.

She is widely acknowledged as a leading expert in networking, lead generation, marketing and strategy and has spoken country wide as well as globally on the topic. Caitlín has a passion for empowering people to take control and action through learning. Her programs and mentoring are exhilarating and energy charged while being results driven.

Caitlín is an Ambassador with Dublin Chamber of Commerce and on the Board of IIBN. She was also the founding President of PWN Dublin (Professional Women’s Network). She has published a networking toolkit called “Engage lead generation though networking” and is a regular contributor on radio and TV on the subject of business growth and the role of engagement.

Education has always been important and Caitlín holds qualifications in Marketing, Project Management, Coaching, Mentoring and Training. She is also accredited in psychometric profiling using Insights Discovery and MHS EQ-i.

In hindsight foresight could have given us insights.

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Who we are:

Caitlín O’Connor, founder and managing director of Accelerating Performance, has extensive experience in the area of organisational development at strategic, operational and tactical levels in both start-up and established businesses. Caitlín marries coaching expertise with high-level corporate experience to bring a fresh and effective approach to training, business, executive & CEO coaching.

Caitlín has held senior executive positions in both the private and public sector, with Esat Clear, and Aer Lingus as well as Nevada Telecom and Irish Broadband. Caitlín was Global Product Marketing Director with Point Information Systems before, seeing a gap in the market for focused performance training, she launched Accelerating Performance.

Together with the top level business professionals and expert consultants who work with Accelerating Performance on a daily basis, Caitlín brings a unique brand of energy, know-how and passion to her work. This energy and enthusiasm is infectious and has a long lasting sustainable advantage to those Accelerating Performance mentors, coaches and trains. Supported by a superb office team, Accelerating Performance’s clients range from multinational corporations to state agencies and start-ups.

What we do:

Accelerating Performance works with companies in various capacities with common goal to accelerate the growth of the individuals and the organisation. It is often necessary to enable the key stakeholders to understand the company’s goals and aspirations aligned to the short term and long term challenges so as to act as a catalyst for growth and revenue generation.

At Accelerating Performance, a boutique management consultancy, we have worked a wide range of strategic growth projects with the CEO at the centre as the sponsor and key stakeholder.

We also work with companies wishing to motivate and develop their teams using the skills of Executive Coaching and mentoring and often using psychometric tools such as Emotional Intelligence and Insights Personal Effectiveness.

Caitlin is probably best known in her public delivery of seminars on “Networking” where she travels the length and breadth of Ireland and the UK motivating and imparting the Safe Cross Code to networking.

The core aim of Accelerating Performance is to create “High Performance Workplaces” whether that is in assisting companies to scale or teams to improve their performance.

Why Accelerating Performance?

Accelerating Performance are industry leaders in creating innovative high performance workplaces, workplace environments which are innovative in how they market and communicate as well as in the products they bring to markets at home and globally. Caitlín O’Connor has a unique advantage in this market, bringing practical high-level business experience together with coaching.

People are the single biggest investment as we move forward from a desk based economy and management and leadership practices must reflect this, emphasising employee involvement, training and lifelong learning, equality and diversity.

High performance workplaces share a culture of employee involvement to encourage vision, innovation, and success. Accelerating Performance’s skill lies in acting as a catalyst, unlocking visions for greater performance and ensuring employees are empowered to reach their full potential. The result: greater profitability, greater retention of staff and reduced absenteeism.

Our core skill is to unlock potential and to assist companies to scale and increase their profitability and become famous in their chosen niche. Accelerating Performance works with the client to their agenda and objectives.